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Minor Surgery

We have years of experience in surgery. Poorly healing wounds are treated long term. Minor skin surgery is performed in the clinic itself.


Dr Karsten has an additional qualification in psychotherapy. At separate appointments the deep-psychologically founded psychotherapy is offered. Since we are unable to supply all patients therapeutically, we offer support in any case and recommend qualified therapists if necessary / required. We also provide you with a report. The knowledge of mental correlations is very important when talking about chronic diseases. Even the knowledge of psychosomatic correlations is an essential element for further treatments. At a separate appointment we would be happy to give you any detailed consultation.


The Chirotherapy belongs to the manual therapy methods (lat. manus = hand, Greek chiro = hand), i.e. that diseases or malfunctions are treated with the therapist's hands.
It is assumed that many illnesses are due to a blocking of the joints. For a long time it has been falsely believed that e.g. back pain was caused by individual dislocated vertebras. However, a cause of the complaints is a strutted muscle area, which leads to disturbances of the natural mobility.
The blockage of the joints can be loosened by using special movements or selective small twists. The strutted musculature is stretched briefly and gets thereby the attraction to ease. The effort of the therapist's hand is minimal here. Occasionally crack noises can be heard when blocked areas come loose. Before starting a manipulation at the joints a thorough investigation of the muscle areas should take take place.

Lyme Disease Therapy

Our clinic is specialised in Borreliose (Lyme disease) for over 10 years. There are up to 80,000 - 100,000 new infections in Germany per annum. Ticks are infected up to 30% with Borrelia.
A timely diagnosis for further treatments is of great importance. After a tick bite a spreading reddening (erythema migrans) appears within the next days or weeks. Later, other different symptoms can occur, such as for e.g.: fever, joint paints, tiredness, neurological symptoms up to paralysis and various other symptoms. Unfortunately a tick bite is often not discovered immediately and the reddening can be missing so that only uncharacteristic symptoms may exist. In that case it is important that both, the patient and the physician consider the possibility of the Lyme disease. Nevertheless, there is no need for panic or resignation. The early stage of the disease can be treated by giving a high and sufficient dose of antibiotics for a certain time of period. In serious cases, especially when neurological symptoms or paralysis already exist, antibiotics will be given intravenous daily.
We also work together with self-help groups. Dr Karsten is working currently on a study in cooperation with the IMD - Institute for Medical Diagnostics. For more information go to www.borreliose-berlin.de or to the website of the vaccine manufacturer Baxter Infoseite zum Thema Zecken des Impfmittelherstellers Baxter.


Dr Karsten has the Diploma B for acupuncture by the German Medical Acupuncture Association. Acupuncture is an accepted therapy especially for chronic pain conditions. Many health insurance companies cover the costs nowadays.



A goal of the medical rehabilitation is to help people who are not able to join in social life or in earning abilities caused by health reasons. Medical rehabilitation treatments are not only good for employees but also for older people and parents. If a treatment is required a request must be placed to the responsible cost unit. This may be your statutory health insurance company, Federal Labour Office, statutory accident insurance company, pension insurance company or others. We offer support by filling out and placing the required papers and request forms, even when choosing the facilities.
Dr Christoph Klose has been a consultant at the German Association for Pension Insurance since 1991, he has additional qualifications in Rehabilitation and Social Medicine and is authorised for medical rehabilitation by the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians.

Tropical Medical Diagnosis and Treatments after Overseas Travel

See menu item "Tropical Medicine".

Addiction Treatment

We have years of experience in addiction treatment. Stephan-Peter Hamm worked in the Jewish hospital for a long time, which is well-know for its addiction treatment methods. We support and treat chronically methadone addicted people; usually by using a substitution therapy with Methadon or Polamidon.
Nowadays addictions are still tabooed. You are more than welcome to contact us for any questionings; either in the form of stationary treatment, a psychotherapy or an accompanying client-centered therapy in our clinic. All your information will be treated with the highest confidence.

Medical Check-up for the Sports Boat Licence

A fast and unbureaucratic checkup can be offered for € 28,50.

Cosmetic Laser Treatment

Since 1st April 2008 the colleague Bernhard Fuchs offers cosmetic laser treatments in our surgery. Mr. Fuchs is a physician and specialised in cosmetic laser treatment. More about Mr. Fuchs and the possibilities of the laser medicine can be found on the webpage Logo Laser-fuchs.de