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Travel Medicine: Consultancy

When travelling to tropical and subtropical countries different health dangers can occur. Causes can be unfamiliar climatic and ecological conditions, occasionally low hygienic standards and the occurrence of specific pathogens. Stomach and intestine infections are very frequent. Also yellow fever and malaria are a real risk. Each year several hundreds of travelers are diagnosed with malaria, approx. 2% of them result in dead. It is reasonable to consult a specialised physician before starting a journey to these high risk countries. Dr med. Christoph Klose is well experienced for questionings based upon a stay abroad and working visit in Africa as well as his cooperation with the Berlin Tropical Institute. He has a qualification in tropical medicine and has been authorised for yellow fever vaccinations by the Berlin Senate.

Yellow Fever Vaccination Center

Yellow fever is a serious infection. Without treatment the infections may result in dead. Approximately 2000 cases are announced world wide annually. Mosquitoes are the vectors of the yellow fever and are native to Africa and South America. A human to human transmission is impossible. Yellow fever appears as jungle fever in rural areas and in metropolitan areas as the so-called city fever.
Only certified physicians are authorised for yellow fever vaccinations.
Dr Christophe Klose has a qualification in tropical medicine and has been authorised for yellow fever vaccinations by the Berlin Senate.
A unique vaccination is sufficient enough for a proper protection. The protection given by the vaccination begins at the tenths day and hold on for approximately ten years.

Other Vaccinations

Depending on the destination several other vaccinations will be necessary. Under certain circumstances your health insurance companies may cover the costs.

Further Informations

Various risks can occur depending on the destination. We would like to advise you on the optimal protective measures and the precautions. General information can be found on the webpage of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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Travel Medicine: Diagnosis Confirmation and Treatment

Diseases brought back from journeys are mostly diarrhea and respiratory ones. Furthermore other tropical diseases (e.g. malaria, dengue, amoebiasis, schistosomiasis) are imported and demand special diagnostical and managerial requirements. In case of a doubt, especially when running a fever, dizziness, skin alterations, and loss of weight a broad diagnostic is necessary: e.g. a detailed journey anamnesis, laboratory diagnostics, etc. A clinical suspicion of certain disease patterns is mostly followed by an empiric initial therapy.