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Yellow Fever Vaccination Center

Dr Klose is authorised for yellow fever vaccination by the Berlin Senate. For more information see menu item "Travel Medicine".

Hepatitis (Contagious Jaundice) A + B

Hepatitis A is a widespread common disease in all European countries (including Turkey). An immunization protects sufficiently but is not covered by the statutory health insurance companies.
Hepatitis B often becomes chronic and is covered by the health insurance companies. A source of the contamination can be either unprotected sexual practices or drug abuse. It may also affect people who are not part of the mentioned risk groups and do not even know when and how they got contaminated. There can be several reasons where the statutory health insurance company may cover the immunization against Hepatitis A + B (chronic liver disease, risk groups either of sexual or professional indication). For all other reasons, especially when travelling, it is highly recommended; but not covered by the health insurance companies. A combination of the vaccination against Hepatitis A +B (mainly three immunizations at defined intervals) costs about 180 ,- €. Please contact us if you have any questions concerning the possibilities or whether your health insurance company will cover the costs or not. .

TBE (tick-borne meningoencephalitis)

TBE is an inflammatory disease of the brain and the meninges. It is caused by the TBE pathogen passed on by tick bites; even an immediate removal of the insect does not protect against the disease. About 10 % of the infected people develop serious symptoms and for the most part they will suffer from permanent damages (e.g. paralysis). Approximately 1 % (mainly older people) results in dead. Still there is no protecting treatment available. The only helpful method will be a complete immunization.

When is an immunization considered necessary?

TBE is native to Southern Germany but it is expected that the diseases will spread in the next coming years. The vaccine manufacturer Baxter offers an interactive map of Germany for further information (Zecken.de). By typing in a zip code the required information will be given. Other countries (such as Estonia, Finland, Croatia, Latvia, Lituania, Austria, Poland, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Ucraine and Hungary) are affected as well. The immunization is highly recommended by the STIKO, especially for people living in these areas or those on vacation. To reach an efficient immunization a triple vaccination is mainly given in winter time. The interval between the first two is three months; the third one will be given after 9 till 12 months (months 0, 1 - 3, 9 - 12). The protection given by the vaccine begins with the second immunization and holds on for approximately 5 years (people under 60).


Meningococci (Neisseria meningitidis) are bacteria responsible for the disease Meningitis and transmitted from one individual to another. Specific symptoms are a high fever, a strong headache and a stiffness of the neck. Young children and teenager are mainly the target group. About 700 infections are announced in Germany annually, 50 of them result in dead. In some cases paralysis or mental handicaps may remain. Although the meningococci meningitis has become insignificant in Europe it is more of an issue in the Third World (African part southern of the Sahara and northern of the equator (west to east coast), South America and Asia). E.g. Saudi Arabia requires a vaccination certificate when entering the country.

When is an immunization considered necessary?

Since 2006 the STIKO recommends an immunization for all infants reaching the age of 12 months. Generally the basic immunization is combined with other vaccinations in several steps (Tetanus, Polio, Pertussis, Haemophilus influenza Typ B, Hepatitis B, Pneumococcae, Mumps, Measles, Rubella, Chickenpox).
Nevertheless, the vaccination is always recommended, whether you have not received the immunization as an infant, plan to go on a journey to the mentioned countries, suffer from immune defects or had a removal of your spleen.