IGeL means ‚individual health care services'; services that are not provided and supported by the statutory health insurance companies.

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Dr med. Peter Karsten
Stephan-Peter Hamm

Aßmannshauser Straße 11A
14197 Berlin
Phone: +49 30 / 82 70 93 00
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Individual health care services

IGeL services are not provided and supported by the statutory health care companies but may be essential for further diagnosis confirmation. Examples for IGeL service are a large number of laboratory tests; including lipid parameters, liver and kidney values, electrolytes, blood sedimentation rate and the blood cell count. In the event of certain risks other parameters may be examined. For further questionings or to find the particular suitable test parameter you are more than welcome to contact us.


Dr Karsten has the diploma B for acupuncture of the german medical association. Acupuncture is an accepted therapy especially for chronic pain conditions and for the anti-smoking treatment. Today some health insurances bear the expenses.

Vaccination and consultation

See menu item "Travel medicine".

Living will and precautionary powers of attorney

It becomes more and more important for patients to define measures in the event medical treatments such as artificial nutrition or artificial respiration are needed or if they wish to exclude certain inhuman measures. We give you advice on this critical issue and have experiences in setting up living wills and precautionary powers of attorney. For further information feel free to contact us.