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Dr med. Peter Karsten
Stephan-Peter Hamm

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Detailed Health Care Consultation

We offer detailed consultation for health care screenings. The main areas are the body weight, a healthy diet, anti-smoking strategies, sufficient physical exercises, advice for the balance of body and soul (reducing stress) and a reduction of the risk factors responsible for common diseases. Steady exercises are important for your health. We cooperate closely with the renowned sports and wellness center Aspira. Dr Karsten offers private consultations at the Aspira.

Medical Checkup

A health checkup for the precaution and early diagnosis confirmation of diseases is an additional free of payment service. It is valid for each insured one every two calendar years starting at the completion of the age of 35. The goal of the checkup is the early detection of heart, cycle, kidney and metabolic malfunctions. Therefore, symptom-free health disorders such as postural deformities, skin alterations or lymphomas can be diagnosed in time, As an insured person you do not have to pay the practice fee for this.

Skin Screening at 35

Starting at the age of 35 we offer a whole-body early skin cancer screening. Of course, this can be combined with the general health checkup.

Skin Cancer Screening for Men at 45

Starting from the age of 45 men precaution checkups are a service provided by the health insurance company, it may also be combined with the general checkup. This includes an overall physical check, a medical examination of the prostate, the genitals, the rectum and the skin. A detailed consultancy of risk factors follows. Starting from the age of 45 a colonoscopy for men and women is recommended and will be paid by the health insurance company. Please contact us if you would like an appointment at a specialised clinic. If wished the precaution checkup can be added as an IGEL-service in combination with a sonography and the PSA (prostate specific antibody). These screenings can also be provided for younger man; however, this will not be covered by the health insurance company.

Required Screening beyond the Services of the Statutory Health Insurance Companies

Screenings beyond the service of the statutory health insurance companies may be e.g a large number of laboratory parameters, including all lipid levels, liver and kidney values, electrolytes, blood sedimentation and the blood count. For particular risks further parameters can be added.

Travel Medicine Consultation

For further information go to menu item "Travel Medicine".