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Dr med. Peter Karsten
Stephan-Peter Hamm

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We offer safe and noninvasive ultrasound scans using modern equipment. Ultrasound is used for the early detection of abdominal, gall bladder and thyroid disease, it is commonly used in combination with electrocardiograms or lung function tests.


Our modern 12-channel recorder enables an immediate diagnosis of heart conditions, in addition, an electrocardiogram can be used to monitor the side effects of medication. A close collaboration is maintained with the child psychiatry practice of Dr Buchmann.

Pulmonary function

The lung function tests are an important part of the diagnosis of common diseases such as asthma and bronchitis; these tests are part of the complete health check up.

Laboratory tests

Laboratory tests are an important part of the diagnostic process, the causes of many acute and chronic conditions can be identified using blood tests. The majority of blood test results are available on the day of blood collection reducing the need for hospital admission; this is why we can offer fast and regular results for patients taking blood dilution medication. Laboratory tests are an important part of our medical check-ups, since most health insurance will only pay for two blood tests, cholesterol and glucose, we offer a broad range of additional tests to assess the whole body function and metabolism, these results allow us to provide individual risk counseling.

Allergy testing

We have many years experience with the diagnosis and treatment of allergies, we test for all allergies using a skin prick test and based upon these results we can offer advice and targeted treatments. We also offer sublingual hyposensitisation.

Hearing tests

Hearing test are available using modern equipment for both acute and chronic hearing loss.